Farmington New Mexico


The New Future of Farmington

I have watched the growth of Farmington for over 43 years.  I have seen a few” booms and busts”.  The determination of the Tri-City and County officials has been solid.  The business people of this community are tremendous.   Even though the oil and gas industry in this area has had some slowdowns the community as a whole is forging forward with many new exciting changes to the area in promoting our beautiful area to retirees.  Because of our people and our beautiful surroundings I believe that the prospects for our area are bright.  We have a lot to offer and I believe more and more people will realize that and embrace all that we have to offer and more quality people will move to our area.

A Rich Heritage

The Gabaldon family has a rich heritage of Home Building and Real Estate Development experience spanning three generations. For over 40 years, Gabaldon Construction & Realty has been building dreams in the Four Corners Area. Since its conception in 1976, S.J. Gabaldon Construction & Realty has grown to be one of the largest and most diverse construction companies in Northern New Mexico. Combined with our full service Real Estate Office, our Brokers offer over 60 years of Real Estate expertise.

Long Term Relationships

Since the beginning, We have built long term relationships with all subcontractors and suppliers in the area. They know they can trust and depend on the reliability of S.J. Gabaldon. We work closely with our suppliers and subcontractors to build the best home, building or neighborhood for our clients on time and on budget.