New Home Warranty

S.J. Gabaldon Construction will provide a one year warranty for newly constructed homes built by S.J. Gabaldon Construction, starting on the original date of closing and ending twelve months from the original date of closing. This warranty will cover any defects in the workmanship provided by S.J. Gabaldon Construction.  Any material defects will be warranted by the various manufacturers of said material according to each manufacturer's warranty policies and procedures.  All concrete and stucco provided by S.J. Gabaldon Construction is warranted for structural cracking only; hairline cracks and minor surface imperfections are NOT covered by any warranty.

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Critical Water Drainage Information

The grade of the dirt-work on your property is completed in accordance with requirements mandated by the City or County Building and Engineering department to ensure proper water drainage.  Any alteration of the dirt elevations by you or your landscape contractor must be approved by the City or County Building and Engineering department. If drainage is altered, you may be held liable for any structural damage of your property or your neighbor’s property as a result of improper drainage.